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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tips on how to grow long healthy hair


When deciding to grow long hair you might think it would be easier and faster to grow without trimming it regularly,but not trimming it is one of the most worst things you can do, and may even hinder growth. Just think would you rather have long, scraggly, frizzed up dry hair, or hair that takes a little longer to grow, but is healthy,manageable and split end free.
The general advice is to cut hair every 4-6 week's, but taking into account hair grow's at maximum rate of 0.5 inches a month, you wont be growing your hair at all, but cutting whatever did grow in the last month. So I would say get it cut about 6-8 weeks, and trim about half an inch off, providing that you treat your hair well this should be sufficient.

What I mean by treating your hair well, is that you refrain from using heat tools or use them to a minimum. I try not to use heat tools at all, but well right now its winter and im in England so its friggin FREEZING! hence I occasionaly succumb to using the hairdryer :(, Its probably not great for your hair, but most of the time I just go to sleep with it wet and it tends to be okay. Heat will fry your hair! its best to omit all heat, then again what the point of having long luscious hair if your not going to style it occasionaly!! so, post styling do treatments( ill come on to that later). In the shower, try not blasting your hair with scalding water, keep it at a reasonably mild temperature, and if you can handle it , blast with cold water for your final rinse, to flatten the hair cuticles for a smoother shinier hair shaft.


To grow hair, you need to minimize the risk of getting split ends, as once you get them , theres no such thing as 'repairing' a split end. The amount of times products claim to repair hair is just unbelievable. Oil treatments, protein treatments, moisturing masks etc, are all so nourishing for hair, so try do one atleast once a week. Make it apart of your routine before you shower, or as a weekly pampering session if you got time. You dont need expensive lotions an potions from your drug store, the greatest things for your hair are probably in your fridge or kitchen cupboard! Here are a few recipes, i have used, and swear by;

The most recent ive tried, and can no longer live without; Egg Protein Treatment;
  1. Whisk 1 Egg till yellow and whtie bits mixed together, (2 if youve got exceptionally long or thick hair) I have waist length thin hair, and 1 egg was fine.
  2. Add 2 tbsp oil of your choice( olive, sweet almond, coconut,vegetable oil, amla, gooseberry, you get the jist, mostly anything goes, if your unsure, google!)
  3. Add 1tbsp mayonnaise, 1tbsp conditioner.
  4. Mix it all up, and slap on your head from roots to tips, and keep the gunk on for an hour, or pretty much as long as you can stand it
  5. NB- important to not let your head get to direct heat, or any kind of heat that you think woudl end up cooking an egg, as if this happens, eb prepared to get tiny bits of cooked egg out of your hair!
2: Oil treatment,basically most oils go. The best are coconut oil,In the short term, this is will give you uber-smooth hair, shiny, amazing silkiness, when its washed obviously. But I dont know how this works in the long run, but my grandma swore by coconut oil , she literally had this on everyday, and till 78 she did not have a single pure white hair, her hair was pitch black, smooth, no frizz, no hair loss, nothing. So this is abit of a miracle oil!

Olive oil, almond oil, essential oils mixed in to your oils are great. Alot of oils basically

3: Yoghurt. I know it sounds crazy but using yoghurt in your hair does makes it smooth, and shiny. Not sure how but it does, and it doesnt smell as bad as eggs and feels as cloggy as oil. Apply it in the shower in the beginning and shampoo out at the end of your shower

4: BEER!!! lol. Hey if it works for catherine zeta jones, its good enough for me! Beer has properties that thicken the hair shaft by coating it. Make hair shinier, smoother, silkier, and more manageable. I was amazed at what it did to my thin hair!! Mix with water, and use as a rinse after shampooing, But make sure to rinse the beer out. Or people are gonna give you some funny looks on your commute to work!!!. Seriously they will.... Sadly i speak from experience!

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