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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Laidbare pack your bags eyecream review

Usually when planning on writing a review I would wait a week or so or longer so I know that it actually works. However my Laidbare pack your bags eye cream only arrived a few hours ago and i applied it straight away. I bought the eye cream on line having never bought an eye cream before, i thought it was time as my under eye area was becoming drier and darker  due to several sleepless nights and over rubbing. I did not think it would do anything for the circles, but it would be rich enough to moisturise.

When putting the cream on I was delighted to find i only needed a tiny dot for each eye ( when i mean tiny, i mean microscopic). It glides over the skin, and is so so rich, I immediately knew this tiny 30ml tube would last me many months. Anyway so over I went to my laptop,checking e-mails  etc, but when I got up a few hours later to look in the mirror the skin under my eye was definitely tighter, plumped up. As for the eye circles I do  not think it would work in a few hours, But the circles definitely looked more blended into the lighter skin on my face, not like a completely darker  cut off crescent.

The cream claims to lighten and tighten, and is in their anti-ageing range. It can also be used on the decolletage area to countour and brighten. I have yet to try this, but my eyebags are my main concern at the moment.

I do not know if all eye creams give this effect straight after, or if its just because my under eyes are getting the moisture that they needed, but I am very happy with the results, and i cant wait to see what it does in 1 weeks time.
I will update with results as soon as poss!!!

Rating: 7/ 10

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