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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Review: LILY LOLO Lash Alert natural mascara

Ive been looking for a natural mascara that wouldnt break the bank and produce the same look as a 'fake' mascara. Lily lolo natural mascara does exactly that.

Lash Alert Natural Mascara

The mascara comes in a small 10.5 ml bottle, a little smaller than most mascaras, but a little goes a long way. The mascara is very dark, so accentuates lashes more as its a dark black matte colour rather than glossy, so it absorbs more light, appearing darker. It does lengthen a little, but it makes lashes look more thicker than any other mascara ive used.  It goes on very easily and smoothly, only a few strokes are needed compared to other mascaras, where i have to apply on more and keep brushing to ensure no clumping of lashes. This mascara does not produce a spider lash effect. I have had mascaras wich are able to sepereate the lashes better, but its good enough, as it doesnt clump lashes together either.
You can also apply mroe coats during the day for a fuller doll like look. 

One negative is that during the day, you may get tiny specks of the mascura that have fallen of the lashes and 
have landed on your face. But this can be easily sweeped away. 

It costs £9.99, wich is hardly much for a good quality mascara that wont irritate your eyes and is healthier for you than other toxic mascaras.

Rating : 9/10.. purely because of the flecks that falls sometimes

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