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Friday, 5 October 2012

Review: Bravura London Dermaflannel

When I was shopping for Acid peels online ( I came across an alternative to acid peels called a Dermaflannel. This is essentially a towel, with microfibers that help to exfoliate skin  with ease. It claims to be gentler than microdermabrasion but with equally effective results. Also helps to improve the following conditions;


    Acne scars
    Age spots
    Brown spots
    Dry skin
    Dull skin
    Stretch Marks
    Fine lines
    Hyper Pigmentation
    Red spots
    Rough uneven skin
    Sun damaged skin
    Enlarged pores

At the time when I first purchased the dermaflannel, I had around 5 of the above conditions. Its been a year since then and with the help of the dermaflannel I wore a bikini to the beach for the first time in my life!!!
My acne scars had faded so much, still visible but they looked so much better  I had fewer blackheads, pores were kept clean by the flannel so did not enlarge, and lastly.... STRETCH MARKS!! The results with stretch marks are very very gradual, mine are old, but for newer stretch marks i think more dramatic results would be seen. Im still using the dermaflannel, so i am  hoping with time i'll see better results.

You cant use this with any other exfliation products, or do take care and leave alot of space of time between each exfoliation. Even though it is a towel it is very strong! There have eben times where ive grazed myself with the towel.

The reviews on the it where all great, 5 stars from 25 reviews. And only £11.99, its well worth it!! But it does tend to go out of stock for long periods of time, so if its in stock BUY! also my first cloth lasted me about 7 months, and i was using it  3 times a week. With proper care it should last a long time.

Rating 10/10


  1. how do they wash the cloth, it says medicate dwash what does that mean??

  2. I also read that, and as I do not have a medicated wash, I use Dettol in warm soapy water. Especially becuase I have acne. If you have rubbing alcohol that would also work before you use soapy water.