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Friday, 5 October 2012

DIY: Glycerin Hair detangler

For a while now ive been wondering what effect would glycerin have on the hair. It works so well for my skin as moisturizer, why not on hair?

So after showering and washing my hair I applied a mix of 1/2 glycerin and 1/2 water to wet hair. I left it to dry before combing through with a boar bristle brush. Usually I would arm myself with a brush and have a battle with my hair when it dried and every time I stepped out (london = crazy wind), but with  the glycerin I don't have any tangles, but a smooth cascading tangle free mane of hair!!! oh and another perk, it gives hair an immense shine!!
Forget buying expensive detanglers, and shine enhancing serums or what ever product is promoted on tv( usually with a beautiful model + truck loads of extensions saying they're worth it!), You can make a bottle of this detangler up which will last you about  8 months if not more.

If you wanna save a couple more pennies, buy your glycerin in bulk it really is a multi - purpose product! I buy mine from under natural ingredients. I buy the 5 litres for £22.99 as it saves me more in the long run, but prices range from £1.59 for a 50ml bottle. Its vegetable derived glycerin too.

Glycerine, Vegetable
Next time I will  use distilled water and maybe add some essential oils for a more beneficial effect and for scent.

Rating: 8/10


  1. This is a really great post, totally to try this on my frizzy hair! Thanks for sharing x

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