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Monday, 7 November 2011

Hello all!

As a teenager I suffered from crazy acne that medication wouldnt even fix, and my sister(Similicous) suffered from her own skin woes of dry skin  and eczema. In an endless search to find something that ''works'' we thought we would work from the inside out, so we changed our diet to include more natural and whole foods, rather than artificial and brimming with chemical nasties. This to our suprise WORKED! so a simple little theory occured to us, if eating naturally made a difference, would replacing our synthetic products for natural ones provide us  with the miracle we were looking for?  And thats exactly what it did, I now have a very mild form of acne( I may get a few spots once a month or even  blackheads), and my sister does not suffer from dry skin or eczema as much as she did before. to put it simply our skin is healthier and we feel better.

From then on we have  vowed to use everything natural, ranging from my daily skin care, hair to makeup!

So I thought why not create a little blog about everything we know, and what were still learning about the world of organic beauty and greener living! 

Swe and Similicious  x

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