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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Shampoo: to skip or not to skip?

The other day I was just browsing the Internet to find a remedy for dry hair and I came across ''the CO method'' (Conditioner method). Intrigued as I was, I decide to try it out and see what all the fuss was about, as many people were commenting about how great they're hair was doing. I was a little skeptical at first if it would actually clean my hair. My hair tends to get oily, and I know its bad, but I find I MUST wash it every day excluding the weekend.  Seeing as I have a few days off from uni, I thought I would try it out today, so I followed the instructions for the CO method, which were to;
  1. Apply the conditioner to wet hair as soon as you get into the shower
  2. Cover the entire scalp and massage in from roots to tips.
  3. Shower as usual, or keep in about 10 minutes
  4. In the end rinse hair, and follow with ACV(apple cider vinegar)rinse or just plain water.
I didn't have ACV, so i used plain water instead. This method specifically states to use any conditioner, it doesn't have to be expensive, but its must not have any silicone's ( this is any ingredient ending in -cone). As these will stick to your hair, and wont come out easily, making you think you need more silicone's, in the end you''ll just be drying your hair out more. NO GOOD can come from applying SILICONE'S to your hair!

Anyway, after doing this my hair was so soft ,silky,smooth and SHINY! Now my hair is pretty shiny as it is, but after doing this it gave a liquidy shine. This is a first use however, so I don't know how my hair will be over time.

Some of the disadvantages I can think off though are;
  1. Need to use alot more conditioner than normal (but you wont need to buy shampoo! :) )
  2. If doing a deep oil treatment, I don't think this method would remove the oil
And that's really all I can think of. Overall for  daily hair washing I will use this all the time, as i have long hair, this has been a saviour for my ends. The only time I would consider digging my baby shampoo out  is for deep oil treatments. For this method I used ''Faith in Nature Seaweed Conditoner''

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