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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


I have only tried this with Lily Lolo mineral Foundation, concealer and blushers but it may work with other brands also.


1. Mix 1 Part Vegetable Glycerine and 1 Part Water or Rose Water and keep in a bottle.

2. Mix small amount of the Water/Glycerine with some Lily Lolo powder foundation or powder of your choice till you get the desired liquid foundation consistency or cream consistency. 

3.You can follow the same technique for making liquid concealer and cream blush from powder concealer and blush. 

Tips for the Mixture:

1. You can make a batch of this Liquid foundation and keep it in a old lily lolo container as I do by removing the sifter from the container or you can buy a make-up container from your drug store. 

2. You can make a tinted moisturiser by adding less minerals, or a medium to heavy coverage foundation by adding more powder foundation.


1. Cleanse face and Ex-foliate twice a week for best results

2.Moisturise and wait 5 minutes if your moisturiser is heavy

3. Apply Liquid foundation with a damp make-up sponge, I use a angled sponged starting from the forehead and down to the face. You can also use a Mac stippling brush.

4. If you need concealer you can make liquid concealer from your powder concealer and apply with fingers in a tapping motion or a concealer brush.

5. THIS STEP IS ONLY IF YOU ARE USING CREAM BLUSH, if you are using powder blusher please go to step 6. Use your cream blush mixture by blending a tiny amount onto the apples of your cheeks with your fingers or a stippling foundation brush. Lily Lolo blushers are strong pigmented colours and you only need a little.

6.  Use the Lily Lolo Foundation as a setting powder by stippling it on with a Kabuki brush or Buffing brush  by pressing the brush on to the face starting from your forehead down to your chin to set the liquid mixture on your face.  Do not use the brush in circular motions as you will rub off your foundation giving it stride marks.

7. Apply the powder blusher if you didn't use the cream blush method and also apply eye shadow etc. as you normally would.

Other tips:

1. Use Holland and Barrats Aloe Vera Gel under your moisturiser as a Primer For long Lasting effects in Humid Weather. Avoid using Aloe Vera over moisturiser as the mineral foundation would not apply on smoothly. I also use Bare minerals Primer around the mouth and nose on top of my moisturiser for extra non melting powers but only in the summer.

2.You can use oils such as Jojoba Oil mixed with your Lily Lolo powder foundation as this looks amazingly glowing however it starts to reveal my smile lines and lines under the eyes even with the powder on top to settle it.

3. I have tried other methods such as mixing it with a primer and applying it. I used Bare Mineral Primer mixed with  Lily Lolo and it didn't work well and dried very quickly when I tried to spread it. Its the same result trying to mix it with Aloe Vera Gel.

4. A friend mixes her mineral powder with Bio Oil but you cant keep that in a container for over a day as it will start to grow fungus and that does sound scary considering your putting that on your face and its growing bacteria. 

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