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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Review: Aknemycin Plus

A year ago I went to my doctor to pick up my usual Retin-A gel prescription, however my doctor was unable to prescribe me my trusted acne medicine, for reasons I do not understand. I immediately went into a panic frenzy, foreseeing the horror my face would become if I didnt get my hands on some tretinoin- the acitve ingredient now! I had already left it a month  and a few breakouts had begun to surface. I expected the worse and was already planning my next steps, using retinol - the commercially widely available derivative of tretinoin but has about 1/100 of the same effect. Stocking up on rosehip oil, a natural source of tretinoin. But nothing would be the same!

My doctor could see how distraught I was, she waited for my little frenzy to finish and then tell me there was an alternative! A solution with erythromycin an antibiotic and tretinoin combined. A double attack on active acne and prevent comedonal acne like blackheads which I suffered with due to my oily complexion. The solution had a higher concentration of tretinoin than my last medication, which made me initially scared as I had to be very careful using the 0.01% gel otherwise I would get damaged dry, scabbing skin. I thought this was due to the tretinoins strong effects, however now that I am using the solution of 0.025%  tretinoin, I know that it was the ethanol in the gel that was the culprit.
The solution on application is like water, it evaporates very quickly, so be careful when applying on the cheeks as the vapour can irritate the eyes slightly. It was quickly absored and my skin felt dry to the touch. I use it nightly after applying a thin layer of glycerin to ease my fears of any dry dehydrated skin. Although since the switch I have nit had a severe dry reaction  as I used to. I am able to use the solution every night if I want, although I only do this around my monthly cycle or when breakouts are more prominent. Initially I used it every other night, and slowly weaned myself off to using it 1-2 a week. My skin smoother, there's very little peeling, which was a big problem with the gel. It helps my scars so much, within days I notice scars fading, pores are more refined, skin feels softer like velvet almost. Oil for me was the root cause for my blackheads and acne, the solution has helped control oil production. In fact when I notice myself getting more oily I know its time to start using Aknemycin again, and my skin is back to normal!

I'm so happy with this Acne medicine, its the most effective, gentle medicine I've ever possibly had! Its worth going to your doctor and trying out, especially if you have comedonal acne.

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